The Devils of Loudun
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26-01-2015, 05:05 PM
The Devils of Loudun
Wikipedia Wrote:The Devils of Loudun is a 1952 non-fiction novel by Aldous Huxley. It is a historical narrative of supposed demonic possession, religious fanaticism, sexual repression, and mass hysteria which occurred in 17th century France surrounding unexplained events that took place in the small town of Loudun; particularly on Roman Catholic priest Urbain Grandier and an entire convent of Ursuline nuns, who allegedly became possessed by demons after Grandier made a pact with Satan. The events led to several public exorcisms as well as executions by burning.

... The book, though lesser known than Huxley's other novels (such as Brave New World) is widely considered one of his best works.
This is one of my alltime favourites, and a pageturner par excellence. Warmly recommended.

The one, true, and real Harvey

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