The Finite "You" - How do you as fellow Atheists deal with death?
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24-10-2012, 04:31 PM
The Finite "You" - How do you as fellow Atheists deal with death?
Hi everyone!

I'd like to ask you guys a question concerning death and basically the prospect of ceasing to exist in the form of, well, ourselves. I have been an atheist for quite some time now and the prospect of death has never bothered me so far. However a week ago I finished my Bachelor's thesis at college and I was suddenly overwhelmed with extreme depression. Why exactly I cannot tell. As an atheist and someone who has at least basic scientific training I cannot blindly believe in something like an existence after death when there is no evidence for said existence whatsoever. However suddenly I can't help but to feel an extreme sadness when I picture that people in my family or people who used to be my friends die. I have a hard time to cope with the idea that anyone or anything has to go forever. It seems so incredibly cruel when people lose their children, their parents, siblings or friends, when all indicates that they are GONE forever. Why are so many people in the world forced to live short and painful lives or die violent deaths? How can people and everything they were just be lost from one moment to another? It has actually gone so far that my entire mind is revolving around the topic which has resulted in complete depression. Simply because it all seems just too pointless. Another thing that concerns me is the state of being dead and how terrible it seems not to exist anymore... which also keeps me awake at night. Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss indeed... Undecided
My question is: How do you deal with this? How can you deal with the idea that people are lost forever and the concept of death in general? It would greatly help me to hear answers from someone who will not just baselessly assert that something as irrational as an afterlife exists and we "don't really die". Besides: My mother had a near death experience and firmly believes in an afterlife. And I do not want to take this peace of mind from her by discussing this in the family. I don't want her to suffer fear or sadness when her time comes. Sad

Sorry for the long post.

Take care.
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