The Gods over the years.
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29-08-2014, 05:24 AM
RE: The Gods over the years.
(28-08-2014 10:58 PM)Michael_Tadlock Wrote:  
(28-08-2014 09:10 AM)MrKrispy601 Wrote:  There have been over a thousand different God's throughout the history of humanity. Most which were created before the invention of the printing press or the discovery of modern medicine.

At one point in our history certain societies believed in separate Gods for each responsible for separate acts(Mars, Poseidon, Thor, Apollo, etc.) . Once our understanding of how things such as rain and how tides operate actually work the explanation that a God did it ceased. Point being that as we learn more we cast aside the "God did it" excuse and actually investigate which in my opinion is the only way to progress, ask questions.

So one would think that as time goes on that people would be more incline to find answers to age old questions like the origin of mankind instead of lazily accepting something fallible correct? Sadly we all know the answer to that.

Many of the Gods of current day religions predate key scientific discovery(the earth revolving the sun, the earth being round, etc.) yet they still seem to hold value. With this being said most of the minds who wrote religious books(i.e. bible, qua ran,) also had very limited information on the world around them let alone the universe. So the very construct of things like a deity being so powerful that he could make light travel fast enough to reach the earth made sense to them simply because their understanding of how light travels was limited to say the least.

My question is how can Christians or Muslims dismiss all of these things we now have an understanding for and believe a book written by people who didn't even have a basic understanding of how the earth revolved around the sun?

I think if most of the people still worshiped pantheistic, nature sort of pagan gods atheism for most would be inevitable. The greatest addition monotheism made to religion was to give people an emotional dependency for the deity. People don't believe for rational reasons. People believe out of fear - fear of the unknown, fear of being alone, fear of injustice and the finality of death.

I have wondered what would it be like if Christianity was not the major religious influence and the rituals of pagan gods was the primary influence. I was listening to one of the Great Courses on about the fall of paganism and the rise of Medieval Christianity and it did mention that it could have been possible that paganism could have been the religious practice of today. It was a nephew of Constantine that even though he had a Christian rearing he left that practice behind for the path of the old gods; however be was killed prematurely and his revival of pagan practices never were brought to fruitfulness.

So I wonder, if his way would have succeeded over Christian faith, would we have pagan gods now or would the still be a monotheistic path devised to gain control, or would people begin to see through the facade religion and become a more non-religious society sooner , or something else. I do wonder what it would be instead of Christianity that would rally the masses. I'd like to think science but hey I can hope.

I tend to ask random questions, sometime stupid ones, but I can almost guarantee I'm smarter for asking than not.
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