The History/National Geographic Channel
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07-09-2011, 07:29 PM
RE: The History/National Geographic Channel
Yeah, what happened to those "educational" cable channels any way? Lately they've turned into white trash reality channels, with shows set in swamps, gun ranges, pawn shops, junk yards, race tracks and barbecue cook-offs.

At least the survival series on the Discovery Channel show you how to eat paleo. I've seen Bear Grylls eat a live fish like Smeagol.
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08-09-2011, 02:08 AM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2011 03:05 AM by bemore.)
RE: The History/National Geographic Channel
I imagine god fearing people once also complained when there reality was being interferred with..........with science.

Subjectivly I wonder why such programs have become more and more popular over the last ten it a reflection of a trend???

Or are we being guided to think this way (with potential dis-information) unseen hands. Big Grin

Wikepedia has this to say about conspiracy..........

"A conspiracy theory explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public."

Can you actually say that the above statement does not exist in the world???

Because I cant.
I forgot to add that if you want to stream/watch documentarys on the internet then this is one of the places I go.

They have approx 4183 documentarys.......out of which around 1000 are the history/geographic type of programs.

You're never going to say the things you want to say.
The things you want to change will usually stay that way
The promises you break outweigh the ones you keep.
Paint upon the wall for the hundredth time.

Jesus Jones
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10-09-2011, 02:26 AM
RE: The History/National Geographic Channel
I stick to Discovery Science. More informative and interesting.

Welcome to science. You're gonna like it here - Phil Plait

Have you ever tried taking a comfort blanket away from a small child? - DLJ
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16-09-2011, 04:08 AM
RE: The History/National Geographic Channel
I've never seen anything like that on National Geographic channel. Nonsense shows are why I stopped watching the History Channel (I mean Ancient Aliens? REALLY?)

But I have NEVER seen that on National Geographic. Same with the Science Channel. As far as I'm unconcerned, they have perfect track records.
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