The Insecure President
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25-01-2017, 03:32 AM (This post was last modified: 25-01-2017 03:36 AM by EvolutionKills.)
RE: The Insecure President
(25-01-2017 03:22 AM)Thumpalumpacus Wrote:  
(24-01-2017 01:15 PM)Lord Dark Helmet Wrote:  Then they can blame their ancestors for not maintaining an armed populace. They bought into the nonsense "you don't need guns, we will protect you."

But I'm fine with dropping some guns and ammo off for them to use for revolution if they will stop coming here. We can't take everyone.

Or, the U.S. could take over all of North and South America and institute our constitution over everybody. Force freedom and liberty on them. If they want it so bad, we can liberate them.

Democracy at gunpoint ... how's that working out so far?

  • Nick Fury: These new long range precision guns can eliminate a thousand hostiles a minute. The satellites can read a terrorist's DNA before he steps outside his spider hole. We gonna neutralize a lot of threats before they even happen.
  • Steve Rogers: I thought the punishment usually came *after* the crime.
  • Nick Fury: We can't afford to wait that long.
  • Steve Rogers: Who's "we"?
  • Nick Fury: After New York, I convinced the World Security Council we needed a quantum surge in threat analysis. For once we're way ahead of the curve.
  • Steve Rogers: By holding a gun to everyone on Earth and calling it protection.
  • Nick Fury: You know, I read those SSR files. Greatest generation? You guys did some nasty stuff.
  • Steve Rogers: Yeah, we compromised. Sometimes in ways that made us not sleep so well. But we did it so the people could be free. This isn't freedom, this is fear.
  • Nick Fury: S.H.I.E.L.D. protects the world as it is, not as we'd like to be. And it's getting damn near past time for you get with that program, Cap.
  • Steve Rogers: Don't hold your breath.

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25-01-2017, 05:43 AM
RE: The Insecure President
(24-01-2017 03:19 PM)Szuchow Wrote:  Notion of Americans opposing tyranny is also funny in a way when one remember that tyranny easily can be supported by if not majority then at least big segments of populace.

Thats what (supreme) courts are for. To protect the constitutions and minorites from the will of the majorities.
Thats why governments who are trying to tyrannize the population are first going for the courts. Look at Poland, Hungary, Turkey, etc. Power is taken from the supreme courts via change of constitution, so the government (who is working hard on this change) can act at will in the future. Its tyranny 101 applied to modern pluralistic states with division of powers.

Ceterum censeo, religionem delendam esse
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