The Justice Party and Rocky Anderson
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01-11-2012, 12:00 PM
Re: RE: The Justice Party and Rocky Anderson
(01-11-2012 10:39 AM)TrulyX Wrote:  
(01-11-2012 03:13 AM)ClydeLee Wrote:  I think you are admitting your fine sticking with the reality as you see it.. Fine, but some people don't want to just give to accepting status quo because that's how they have had it.

Of course no 3rd party will splash at this juncture. Giving up any effort is worse than snacking the lazy brained people you know to see they don't need to stay that way. Even of it doesn't change a thing, waking up and seeing a possibility on the horizon improves your capabilities.

All reality is reality as I see it. I can't make any judgements beyond what understanding I can gain though my perceptions.

From my perceptions, I think it's clear how things work, and it's clear how you have to go about things if you want to make any real progress. What that does not include, is making a 3rd party and running for president with an amazing 0% statistical chance of actually winning. I don't predict the future, and I've been wrong before, but I don't think legitimate, separate 3rd parties are, at all, the way toward progress.

What I am "fine sticking with", is where any person, from any ideological position on the political spectrum, including Rocky Anderson, who has done this himself, can run for a position in government, at any level, in accordance with the law, as either a Democrat or Republican, even regardless to whether or not they are a hand picked candidate for that party or not, or as an Independent candidate, and win elections.

We saw this in the Republican party, on a national level, with the Tea Party. They worked within the system, and they have made a tremendous impact, like it or not, on the Republican party and national politics.

Ultimately, it comes down to support. Even if you see problems, even if you see major flaws in the fundamental set up and process of the system, and even if you seek to make changes to that, you have to garner the support among the voters that are the very people who are responsible for making that decision about whether or not you get to be in whatever desired position you seek to be in, in order to bring about any type of change. If you don't have the supporters to win that power, you just don't have the power, plain and simple. If you can't get the seat where you are needed the most, and where it is actually realistic, then starting a side show by running for president with no change of winning is asinine.

For me, I guess you can call it naive or stupid if you want, but I still have this idea that we have a "government of the people, by the people, for the people". Democrats are people, Republicans are people, Independent are people, Karl Rove is a person, George Soros is a person, voters in every state and every congressional district are people. Niggas bleed. If you don't have the ability to win a battle of ideas in order to turn a red district blue, or a light blue district dark, to convince any group of idiots that they actually have some control of no longer being fucked over and nominate and get elected people to represent, to fix extremely easy and fixable shit, then you don't deserve to have a successful government or a prosperous people.

I mostly agree with you... It's why I said its about trying to wake up people so they actually think and know there can be other ways of looking at the system. If they agree with that's fine, but many see no alternative but the lesser of two evils vote.

To a guy like this running or any if the 3rd party people running, they know they have 0% chance of winning this election. It's not a small minded movement though; it's about future elections and making a push to open up more peoples eyes to eventually get a chance to win elections or get in debates.

"Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see" - Neil Degrasse Tyson
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