The LCWR and the death of god
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13-09-2012, 01:48 PM
The LCWR and the death of god
So I suppose you guys are not following much the nonsense internally in the Roman Church with the epic battle going on between the Nazi in Rome, who is called the Pope, (yeah the guy with butler troubles), and the LCWR, (the Leadership Conference of Women Religious), which is an elected group of women religious, who represent a large majority of US Catholic nuns. But I am, as I have a few really good friends who are sisters. They are pretty "out there". One of them goes to her Native American ceremony on the weekend, for her "church" experience, but has been accepted as just a bit "kooky", by the community in which they live. (There is no way, they will ever leave, OR get kicked out). This group has passed their "Apostolic Visitation" ALREADY, by the "visitors", who were actually quite reasonable, and were rather impressed with the community, and their work.

Anyway, you might have heard, that some of the ladies are talking about life in a "Post Christian", era, and the keynote speaker at their recent meeting this summer was talking about their life “moving beyond the Church, even beyond Jesus” !!

I was reading the letters of Mother Teresa this summer, and she obviously lost her faith : "that which I see within myself, I dare not name".

So I'm wondering, is this a flash in the pan, or is it part of the "god is dead" thing, that started back in the 1960's ?

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