The Libertarians
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13-09-2010, 04:51 AM
The Libertarians
For many years, I voted for Libertarian candidates for two reasons:

1. I sort of liked the idea of as little government, at all levels, as possible
2. I detested most of the candidates put up by both major political parties

This gave me some basis for complaining about elected officials - after all, I'd voted - and I could honestly say that I didn't vote for the bastard that got elected.

Unfortunately, of late, the Libertarians have taken to putting up candidates that I detest nearly as much as those of the Democrats and Republicans.

Moreover, I now believe that government can play a more positive role, even if the current lot who occupy offices in said government are mostly worthless. We have a lot of problems - fighting in wars that we shouldn't, health care, global climate change, suppression of important stem cell research, etc. that require our government to act. But our government seems notably disinclined to act along the lines I believe they should. If we go issue by issue, I see absolutely no party that matches my stand on all (or even most) of the issues that I believe are important - and I see the dominance of the religious right to be at the heart of a lot of my problems with the candidates. Any candidate has to be palatable to them to stand a chance of being elected.

It does pose something of a quandry for voting. Last election, I voted reluctantly for Obama (but, living on a blue island in a red state ocean, my vote meant zero to the outcome of the state's electors). Unfortunately, now I can't say I didn't vote for the bastard! Even if my views probably will remain within a tiny minority for the rest of my life, it would be nice to have a candidate on the ballot I had some confidence would reflect my views on most issues of importance to me. Alas, such seems quite unlikely.
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