The Life of a Jehovah's Witness
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27-01-2015, 08:57 AM
RE: The Life of a Jehovah's Witness
Very good points, although there is one point you made that while I used to agree, I no longer do. It's the idea that JW's teach the bible the best. For a long time, I thought that if the bible were true, then Jehovah's Witnesses would have the truth. After further examination though, I've come to realize that the WT's reasoning used a lot of loosely strung together scriptures, adding their own contexts and interpretations as they saw fit. I'm sure you have been to, but it does a good job showing how the JW doctrine doesn't even really explain the bible as well as other religions do. (Not that it matters anyway, right? Smile )
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27-01-2015, 12:13 PM
RE: The Life of a Jehovah's Witness
Well, I was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness, and that's not what I was taught.

I was taught that the universe was no older than 40,000 years.

I certainly wasn't taught to reason, or question anything. Quite the opposite... We were told we'd be destroyed if we did.



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29-01-2015, 06:57 AM
RE: The Life of a Jehovah's Witness
(03-05-2013 07:12 AM)CompletelySolo Wrote:  
(03-05-2013 06:31 AM)cheapthrillseaker Wrote:  The Circuit Overseer used William Lane Craig reasoning (adding up the lineage bullshit) without even crediting him... Seems legit to me!

Using that reasoning actually actually makes some sense for them. They accept that the UNIVERSE is 14 billion years old. They still think humans started from Adam and Eve in the garden 6000 years ago.

Edit: They've set themselves up for a mass exodus with this, btw. They've blatantly said that evolution "cannot be true, because if it were true, it would undermine the entire theme of the bible." Their doctrine makes sense if you take the Garden of Eden story as literal. If you remove original sin and the death of Jesus being an equal repayment of a perfect man's life blah blah blah, suddenly, NOTHING makes sense anymore.

Evolution happens. It's as proven as a scientific theory can get. We know this, but as it becomes more and more obvious to the world around us, and it becomes more and more plane that Creationism is a "flat-earth" doctrine, their adherents will stop believing in Genesis. When they do, the rest of the house of cards comes tumbling after them.

Wishful thinking. Catholics accepted evaluation and the house of cards remains standing. If something like the earth not being the center of the universe didn't shake them, nothing will.

A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day - Bill Watterson
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29-01-2015, 07:38 AM
RE: The Life of a Jehovah's Witness
You might think I have a soft spot for the JWs because my mother was one. But although I was always in opposition to the credo, I did get to meet quite a few of the congregation and elders. With only a few exceptions, I found them to be nicest, most respectful and humble of the fundamentalist sects.

I still consider the congregation elders friends, even after my mother passed away.

"I don't mind being's a time I get to learn something new..."
N.B: I routinely make edits to posts to correct grammar or spelling, or to restate a point more clearly. I only notify edits if they materially change meaning.
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