The Most Absurdly Difficult Video Games Ever!
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15-12-2012, 03:49 AM
The Most Absurdly Difficult Video Games Ever!
Just list your list of video games that was just too difficult to beat, and why.

CastleQuest for NES

As was typical, no saving your progress. You die to many times, or it freezes, or you turn it off and it's back to square fucking one, Fuck! It's also a very long game. How long? Fuck if I know, never beat it, but I played enough to know that it's not short. I have come close to beating it, but who knows how long the last bit might have taken me. It is a puzzle game, that requires strategy...because there is only one way to beat the game. Deviate, or miscalculate then you might as well push the reset button, cause you are fucked. The puzzles get increasingly difficult too, and it's not as easy as say a RE puzzle, no, it requires you to think. Oh, also the success of your adventure is 100% dependent on a printed map that came with the cartridge. You better not spill coke on it, let it rip, or lose it, if you do the cartridge is fucking useless. You NEED that map. It unfolds in every direction like a real old school map does, and you better keep that fucker safe.

Another game that come to mind is Contra...well the original one is damn hard too, but I'm talking about Contra: Legacy of War for the Playstation.

As a kid I loved playing it, so when they remade it with new graphics, and more than two directions to shoot in, I was game...I thought. I played for dozens of hours, but I got to a point where I just couldn't get any further. I'm not an incompetent gamer, I'm above average to pretty damned good depending on the game. I beat a dozen levels or so, and eventually I got a Gameshark. I wanted to see what all I was missing out on, surely I was close, how much further did I need to go to beat get to the boss? One, maybe two levels? Nope. Over FORTY fucking levels off! Holy fucking balls, is this a joke? Nope. Oh, and you couldn't get to a level, save and then die and restart at that level. Not unlike Castlequest, you die too many times and its back to square fucking one! It wasn't even a very fun game, at least Castlequest was fun. Fuck this game!

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