The Myth of a Painless Existence
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15-10-2015, 06:54 AM
RE: The Myth of a Painless Existence
(14-10-2015 12:42 PM)Airportkid Wrote:  One of the frequent suppositions even made by atheists is that a properly "benevolent" god would have designed a painless existence. Atheists presuming ANY property of god makes the same mistake theists make, but let that go, and examine instead the notion of existence sans pain.

I don't think the atheist is assuming a property of god(s) in the problem of evil/suffering. Many just point out that pain and suffering is pointless in terms of a theological explanation.

Saying god has some sort of mysterious plan when a person dies in pain just generates more questions.

The world makes perfect sense when you remove teleological explanations from it.

It simply is what it is, the cells that divided in an uncontrolled fashion in someone's brain did what they did without consideration for their moral goodness or belief system. They die of brain cancer and we want to provide an explanation that consoles us and gives meaning to a pointless death, even though there is none.

Gods derive their power from post-hoc rationalizations. -The Inquisition

Using the supernatural to explain events in your life is a failure of the intellect to comprehend the world around you. -The Inquisition
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