The NRA keeps a gun registry
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24-08-2013, 10:00 PM
The NRA keeps a gun registry
One more reason I have so much contempt for this group. The NRA screams and cries about the idea of gun registries (and they should). But now it's come to light that the NRA itself has been secretly keeping a database of gun owners and gun show attendees.

They write this off as 'We're a private organization. We'll do what we want' crap. What hypocritical bullshit! How long before this info is sold to the highest bidders, who then distribute it to whoever asks ie corporations, the TSA, media sources, etc.

In the last failed gun control legislation package which failed in congress this past spring, the NRA threw a fit over the idea that someone would develop a database of gun owners and guns. Now come to find they're doing the same thing? Fuck them! I like the lawsuit they filed against the city of New Orleans over the post Katrina gun grab by authorities there but I've had a gutfull of their paranoid bullshit topped off with this insult. I will never give that group another dime.


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