The Nabi
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27-12-2012, 10:09 AM
RE: The Nabi
(26-12-2012 10:13 PM)earmuffs Wrote:  [whinge]Wait, why is your mom getting your 3 year old son a computer tablet in the first place?

Talk about, gone were the days when it was "you're not aloud a cellular phone until you're 16".
And yet with the alllll this technology at the young people's fingertips, all this wealth of information 0.0016seconds away from their growing brains, and what do they care about? Which celeb is dating which other celeb.[/whinge]

Sounds like your son has the right ideas though. Monster Trucks are where it's at.
You know... people probably said the same thing when I got a Nintendo at 4.

...and we all know how I turned out...

...well crap.

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28-12-2012, 03:17 PM
RE: The Nabi
As something of an anime freak, I find this latest gadget's moniker just a bit unsettling, seeing that a futuristic computer device in Serial Experiments Lain was called Navi. And if you want an acid trip through the matrix, give it a gander.
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02-01-2013, 04:21 PM
RE: The Nabi / Words With Friends Topic
OK, what is it? Is it an iPad alternative? Can I save 200 bucks on it, jailbreak the hell out of it, put away the kiddie interface and add in the boring and not-so-boring adult stuff? Even if not, it's good to know what's out there, I hope this will replace the current way of boring children criminally or making them stupider with childish programs. Unless I'm wrong and Nabi is just a clever way of the capitalists how to give access to the parents' credit card to toddlers, via the colourful online store.

I have to ask, because, my method of buying a smartphone is finding one on the ground at the park and my method of getting a tablet is jailbreaking Kindle 3 Keyboard. My next "tablet" will probably be Nook Glow, rooted with Android. If I can somehow get one without paying the 20% GDP with EU.

If you claim there are nuances to principles, there are no nuances to getting arrested or shot for disobeying the power.
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02-01-2013, 05:14 PM
RE: The Nabi / Words With Friends Topic
Hmm... I finally googled this Nabi tablet and it looks pretty much like my cheapo Android tablet only with giant goofy kid colored buttons and surrounded by an indestructible bumper. I got mine for $60 from China /free shipping/ no instructions - I welcomed the challenge, but it was pretty easy to figure out.

Mine is a 4.0.something and came with an 8GB onboard storage memory and a microSD card slot. I bought a 16G SDHC card - I'm thinking now I should have sprung for the 32G - It seems I'm fond of loading videos and audio books.... not to mention the kabillions of free google apps. I have the greatest pinball machines in the universe! It's easy on the eyes and saves my phone for phone shit.

I'm currently in the process of making a little soft case for it... the ones I've found really kind of suck so, I'm doing a custom job.

You really should get your own Kingsy. They do come in black - all manly and shit. Dodgy

I think in the end, I just feel like I'm a secular person who has a skeptical eye toward any extraordinary claim, carefully examining any extraordinary evidence before jumping to conclusions. ~ Eric ~ My friend ... who figured it out.
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