The Nature of the Actual "Soul" and Afterlife
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11-02-2013, 11:00 PM
The Nature of the Actual "Soul" and Afterlife
I never get a straight answer from Creationists and Theists on this one, not even an "I don't know" because obviously this wouldn't be in their little book.

I will ask the Theist to describe the 3 parts of the human existence as we all know it. Body being the flesh, or the molecules and elements that make us up. Soul, or the sum of our thoughts and being that defines us as an individual. Spirit, which is the life force that animates us. So then, I start talking actual anatomy and bioelectricity with them. In actual terms, there is no differentiation between the soul and spirit. These are often used by theists interchangeably anyway. Because they are truly the same thing. Electricity that pulses through the neurological conduits that is our nervous system, sending signals to the body and storing our memories. So I establish that, because anyone with at least some schooling past 9th grade should know this.

If you take the sum of all of your experiences, your memories, personality, just everything electrical about you, you'd have a very specific configuration of electricity, or a bioelectric fingerprint of yourself. Your "Soul/Spirit" so to speak. This is your essence, and what Christians (some) may think that goes to heaven or hell. So what do we know about electricity when its source is abruptly stopped> Pull your PC cord out of the wall and find out. Back yet?

So how would this bioelectric fingerprint be removed from the body, INTACT and in its exact configuration anyway? What are the logistics of this? There are no openings or pores on the human anatomy for facilitate this, as we are not the Na'Vi from Avatar. And electricity is finicky and unpredictable as it is.

This usually quiets the theist as they ponder what I have just described or a "Mysterious ways", but never "I don't know" or "I never thought of it like that". It would go against so many laws of the physical world. But it seems they don't like thinking about that like some of us do.

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14-02-2013, 03:10 PM
RE: The Nature of the Actual "Soul" and Afterlife
You've never gotten an answer from them because they don't have one. They have personal opinions but that's it.

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