The O'Crappy Factor.
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27-11-2014, 06:28 AM
The O'Crappy Factor.
Science Wiz Kid Bill O Crappy who doesn't know how the tides work, said about Ferguson that he understands protesting because that is how you make change. Sound nice right? Yea this coming from a guy who works for the "Fuck the poor" network. Idiots like him do not seem to understand that it takes investment and inclusion in the political process. White and black GOP voters still dont understand, it boils down to economics. If everyone wants it not to be about race, then stop thinking that liberals value poverty as a loyalty oath. Liberals merely say for anyone, there should be a livable wage no matter where someone ends up on the chain. Poverty wages hurt everyone. They hurt rural whites, middle class and the rich because the demand is not there to get people in the door. But you cannot fix these things by ignoring that one segment of society is hurt more by the economy than others. IT SHOULD NOT be a race issue. It should be a recognition of human behavior, that when one part of an ecosystem is hurt that hurts everyone long term.

Now please skip the excuses for your greed when you respond.

"You don't understand".
"It is robbery when I don't get what I want"
"You are a communist"
"You want everyone to be poor"

I am so sick of people treating economies as if they are a script and can be applied like a cookie cutter and baked for everyone.

Everything is done by humans, and just like an ecosystem in all other aspects of other species and the planet itself, you create too much of an imbalance you are going to create conflict. There is room for everyone, but there is no room for justifying a gap that hurts the entire economy.

So this Thanksgiving my douchebag "Turkey Of Day" award goes to the idiot who doesn't even know how the tides work.

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