The Organic and Non-GMO Food Craze
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24-12-2012, 06:37 AM
The Organic and Non-GMO Food Craze
Hi I'm new to these forums and I'm desperate for some advice from some good, skeptical, rational people who are good at research and fact-checking.

I recently found out I have end-stage renal (kidney) failure due to some medication I was taking for my Crohn's disease. I'm only 25 years old which means I'm facing a life of multiple transplants and increased risk of cancer and other nasty things due to the immunosuppressant drugs I'll have to be on my whole life.

I would like to know if any of you have done any research about the possible health benefits and cures that are being purported to exist by switching to all-natural, Organic, and non-GMO foods.

Is this just a new-age, hippy fad or do you think that there is reliable, verifiable proof that this organic food is actually worth the extra money?

Also, is there any truth to a possible conspiracy between the biotech and pharmaceutical industries and the FDA? I've uncovered some pretty shocking things but I don't know if I'm getting all the facts straight...

Here is some of the info I've gathered so far:

Please review these 3 links in order because they tell the whole story from both sides... I just don't know who to trust...
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