The Other Side of the Story: Part 1
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13-06-2013, 08:01 PM
The Other Side of the Story: Part 1
The following is a fictional version of how I think a story from the bible would be told through the eyes of Lucifer. It is simply for entertainment purposes only.

So there I was sitting around watching the game and having a beer. So I notice my can was starting to get a little light. I get up and walk into the kitchen to get another and notice God sitting over at the table working on that stupid art project she'd been harping about all week. I was content to just get my beer and go back to watch the game, but she turns to me and says, "Hey Luci I just finished my latest creation isn't it great?" So I walk over and look and there's some naked guy running around. So I told her, "You're kidding right?". Well this starts the arguments to end all arguments. My buddies tried talking to her, but she wasn't hearing it. Before you know it she throws us all out, what a bitch! Then, as if that wasn't enough, she starts dating that little scumbag Michael and she even gives him my job. Now I'm not usually a revenge kind of guy, but this chick had it coming. So I showed up as a snake and tricked her little monkeys into pissing her off. Score one for the outcast.

Obama promised you change. Reach in your pocket, feel those coins? There's your change...
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