The Pratchett Thread
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25-04-2010, 11:24 AM
RE: The Pratchett Thread
(25-04-2010 01:06 AM)ulfark Wrote:  if you provide a downloadable pdf file i might be tempted

Then consider yourself tempted. The links I provided are all downloadable PDFs.

(25-04-2010 10:10 AM)Ceryle Wrote:  I always liked the ones that circulated around Death.

I really like the Death books, too, but my favorites are the City Watch books.

Quote:Also the ones with the bumbling wizard, whos name eludes me at the moment.


Quote:Lol, Death riding a motorcycle. Also, that oen with the four horsemen at the bar, only it was three because Death wasn't there. I laughed for so long when I read that. In fact, that particular book was likely my absolute favorite of the entire series.

Pretty sure that's Soul Music - which, of course, I really liked as well. Big Grin

Quote:...oh, right, excuse me, I suppose my two favorite characters, would actually be Death, and the...golem/stone entity. it's been a few months since I've read the series, and I am rather poor at remembering names, on the other hand, I can recall scenes with relative ease, in regards to stories. At any rate, what I am referring to is the 'stone' entity, that ingests rocks and is particularly dimwitted, even amongst its own brethren, due to the heat of the environment. Having evolved in the much higher altitudes of the 'planet' their species is of the area of super genius when it comes to brains, and in particular mathematics. I believe they possessed a crystalline processing any rate, it works much better in colder environments. (Think meat storehouse. Hehehe)

That would be Detritus the troll. I like him, too, and the storehouse scene was one of my personal favorites in the entire series.

My personal favorite character is Sam Vimes, captain of the City Watch.

"Sometimes it is better to light a flamethrower than to curse the darkness."
- Terry Pratchett
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