The Real APA! Academic Pedophile Advocates
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31-05-2015, 02:27 PM
The Real APA! Academic Pedophile Advocates
Arguing With Idiots

Okay, so arguing on someone's facebook post. One of my acquaintences is an extreme right wing tea partier. She posted an article that said an ABC family show will show two teen girls kissing. (*gasp* oh noes!) Anyway that part isn't important.

I'll just have to copy paste the conversation that took place below that between me on this other guy:

Quote:Dave: Soon....pedophiles will be a protected class of people.

Me: Fago There's a serious problem with that. Even from an atheist viewpoint I have a problem with pedophilia being acceptable. Naturally speaking we're given (whether you think it's from God or evolution) this need to protect our young. You see it in the animal kingdom as much as in our own societies. We've got age laws for drinking, smoking, ratings for movies and tv shows, we still have laws about statutory rape. We view children as our future and as long as that's the case, pedophilia is not going to be acceptable to a lot of people, Christian or not. Yeah, there's a few people probably trying to defend pedophilia, there's still more people against it for the fact of our need to protect our children.

Dave: Since the 1970's academia has been pushing it. Article: The APAs: 'Academic Pedophile Advocates'

Me: Judith Reisman (who believes in erototoxins and the Pink Swastika among many other debunkable myths) provides no referrences for her claims (which seems okay for a site like WND). At least she's careful to say that she's the one who calls them Academic Pedophile Advocates, especially since I cannot find this name anywhere outside of Judith and WND's claims.

Yeah, he posted an article frome WND. I didn't think I knew anyone that out there. But well.... wow.... People believe this shit?

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31-05-2015, 08:19 PM
RE: The Real APA! Academic Pedophile Advocates
That article summed up:

"Science is wrong when it produces findings that make me feel uncomfortable."
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