The Real Origin of the Gospels and Christianity
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10-03-2013, 04:53 AM
RE: The Real Origin of the Gospels and Christianity
(09-03-2013 11:30 PM)Bucky Ball Wrote:  
(09-03-2013 10:47 PM)Mark Fulton Wrote:  I prefer to call the sect that Jesus and James belong to the Nazarenes, because that was their real name. And I agree it was totally Judaic and in opposition to Paul.

This story about Paul having a special dispensation from James to teach a modified form of Judaism is sourced from the book of Acts.Paul also claims he shook hands with James and agreed with him that he was to go to the Gentiles. I don't think either of these scenarios are likely to be true. James was a pious Jew, he would not have allowed an alteration of the Torah. Paul was a self-admitted liar, very capable of inventing stories to suit himself.

I agree with your last paragraph. Yes, this is the bizarre irony of Christianity.

Has anyone out there had a look at Atwill's interview?

I watched it, and it was interesting. It raises a lot of questions. The motivation certainly makes sense. I like radical 're-examinations". It's so easy to forget about the Roman occupation of Jerusalem, and how much that grated on the Jews.
Didn't Paul try to, (or actually) bribe the Jerusalem group.
There is a somewhat *oblique* reference to it, and Acts said he could go do his thing, as long as he "didn't forget the poor". What that really meant was that he had to keep paying them off, in Jerusalem, I assume. Do you guys think there was more than one Paul ? The first one in Acts is sort of left hanging, and picked up much later, in a different city. There are also serious discrepancies between the philosophies, although it could be the same guy who changed his mind. I also would like to know if the two factions were pricipally located in the big cities, and which one was where, (like Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, Rome and Egypt).
Thanks for the links!

"A Polite Bribe" should be good, dammit! They've pinched my idea for a film version of my book! LOL.

I hope they do this film properly, because they could really fuck it up, but it looks promising.
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