The Se7en Deadly Sins
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07-07-2013, 01:59 PM
The Se7en Deadly Sins
Gluttony- In the middle ages food was hard to come by for peasants as either their crops or money they earned were directly taxed in order to supply the King's army. So it was taught that "The gluttonous man eats until he is full, leaving only scraps for his wife and children." That means that the act of gluttony is simply satisfying one's appetite. This isn't only limited to food, but many things ranging from sex to money to power. So if you're an ambitious young go-getter with a can-do attitude and an appetite for success, then by pursuing that success you are committing the sin of gluttony.

Greed- The sin of greed is the sin of wanting more. Wanting more in life or wanting more in material possessions. The Christian religion tells it's followers to live humbly, while it's leader live a life of disgusting opulence. By not wanting to live in a cardboard box and give the majority of your income to the clergy, you are considered to be greedy in a twisted logic that only the church could possibly justify.

Sloth- The sin of sloth is to be so lazy that you become a burden upon someone else. Of course modern day cult leaders... uh I mean Christian leaders, especially of the evangelical faith would consider people on disability to be slothful, unless of course they are donating a nice portion of that money they recieve to the offering plates, otherwise they are slothful sinner who will burn in Hell...

Lust- The sin of lust is simply being sexually attracted to someone. As we all know, celibate priests have NEVER committed this sin, all those little boys they raped must have seduced them instead... yeah anyway, it's just another thought crime that the Christians use to shame their own believers for feeling something that is completely natural. In the words of the Iron Shiek... "Fawking Boolsheet!!"

Pride- The sin of being arrogant. A few examples of the most arrogant people in the world include : Pat Robertson, The Pope, Mel Gibson, and Ray Comfort. While it may be an annoying trait in some people this hardly should be considered a sin, but hey, the church wouldn't want you to think you were worth a crap, you might decide you're too good for their scam.

Envy- The sin of envy is a strange case, while most people would actually agree that most of the time envy leads to hurt feelings and sometimes hurt people, envy can also be a driving force to reach and goal in order to have what someone else has. It could lead to you being rich and famous, but for the G-man's sake if you do, please make an hour and a half snuff film about his kid, he'd really appreciate it.

Wrath- The most foreboding of the Seven, wrath is the sin of revenge. Kind of like when Seal Team 6 bust into your Pakistani complex and bust a couple of caps in your head as a way of saying, "Hey, this is payback for 9/11". This can also be muted out with lawsuits. If someone files a lawsuit against their former employer for whatever reason, it is usually a measure of revenge.

Now while I will admit that each of these can be taken to an extreme and produce some very unhealthy or even deadly results, the rule of thumb for these should be like anything else... everything in moderation.

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07-07-2013, 02:20 PM
RE: The Se7en Deadly Sins
Oh dear, the sins I have committed....everyone of them over the years I am quite sure, and some many, many times. So do I die many, many times now?

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07-07-2013, 07:20 PM
RE: The Se7en Deadly Sins
Gluttony- Gluttony is not merely satisfying yourself. You even mention that it was taught that if you eat your fill while others starve then you are a glutton. Gluttony is the sin of eating more than ones fair share.

Greed- is the desire for goods for the mere purpose of possessing them, not merely wanting more stuff but only wanting more stuff so you can have more stuff.

Sloth- Being disabled would not make one a sloth as they are incapable of doing whatever actions there disability affects. Because of this they would have no culpability as they do not have full consent.

Lust- lust can refer to sexual attraction, but in this case it is the sin of lust which would be the act of pursuing or treating someone merely as on object of desire. It is a form of using someone.

Pride- there are two ways of looking at this. I have always thought pride should be renamed narcissism, being self love to the detriment of others. It has also been called the root of all the other sins. In the our pride leads us down the path of the others because we are better than everyone else.

Envy- again much like greed envy is the desire to posses someone's goods not because you want it but because they have it. This is a disorder. example: you're neighbour buys a lexus. so you buy one to despite the fact that you can't drive or afford a lexus.

Wrath- The main point here is that wrath is not equal to justice. I would like to think that if they had the option seal team six would have captured Osama alive to stand proper trial. Same thing with the courts. It is supposed to be justice. Anger is not a sin either (I think it is wrong to wright this sin as anger). Jesus was angry in the temple with the money changers. Wrath is the desire to destroy beyond what is reasonable or deserved.

Quote:Now while I will admit that each of these can be taken to an extreme and produce some very unhealthy or even deadly results, the rule of thumb for these should be like anything else... everything in moderation.

The entire concept of medieval virtue (based on Aristotelian concept) is that virtue is found in the mean. The entire point of these sins was that they were supposed to extremes. Which for example could be Epicurianism, reasonable desire for goods to achieve ones end, relaxation, love or companionship, Healthy pride, again resonable desire for goods to achieve ones end, and righteous anger.

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