The Ten Commandments of Online Witnessing
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21-05-2016, 11:10 PM (This post was last modified: 21-05-2016 11:13 PM by EvolutionKills.)
RE: The Ten Commandments of Online Witnessing
(21-05-2016 01:37 PM)Alla Wrote:  He was not found guilty accept one trial. Business failed. It doesn't mean that Smith was a con man.
A lot of people wanted to destroy Joseph Smith. I have an idea why.
They finally killed him. I have and idea why.
But I don't have to share this idea on this forum.

Alla, how many liars, con-men, and other charlatans have existed throughout human history? How many of them came to ignoble ends? It is relatively common, and by no means miraculous.

Why should anyone think that Smith is the exception, and not the rule? Especially when every time he ever made a claim that could be falsified, it was proven to be false.

Things we can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Smith lied about.

-Polygamy was an 'everlasting covenant ordained by Jesus', until it wasn't (conveniently in time for Utah's statehood).

-The darker skin of blacks was a curse upon then and they were eternally unfit, until they weren't (conveniently in time for the Civil Rights Act of 1964).

-There were no 'lost tribes of Israel' in the Americas, modern genetics proves this decisively.

-They did not have iron and steel tools, and the infrastructure needed to create them, 1500 years before they were invented in Mesopotamia. It's possible to lose a steel sword, but you cannot simple lose iron mines and steel mills; both of which are entirely nonexistent in the archaeological record.

-They didn't wear silk or flax. Silkworms were a carefully guarded Chinese trade secret for thousands of years, until at least 300CE in Japan.

-They didn't have any animal pulled carts, because the Americas entirely lacked any suitable domesticated draft animals. Americans only domesticated the Lama, and it carried weight directly; nobody ever built roads or carts for their use.

-The Americans didn't cultivate the crops Smith claimed they did (with the singular exception of maize), there is no evidence of fig, wheat, or barley cultivation; and plant pollen is one of the most indestructible things in nature. If they had grown these crops for a few decades, let alone the thousands of years claimed, their pollen would saturate soil samples. Instead, we see no evidence of these crops existing pre-Colombian; or basically, before the Europeans settlers introduced them.

-Americans didn't make use of or mint coinage. No copies of these supposed coins have ever been found, all evidence indicates that they used barter and other means of transferring value such as shells or stones.

I light of all this, Smith has less than zero credibility. There is every indication that he was nothing more than a charismatic conman, whose silver tongue burnt as many bridges as it built for whim, and whose lies and deceit finally got the better of him in the form of a lynch mob. No miracles are needed to explain the life and death of yet another religion charlatan who emerged out of the burned-over district of New York during a time when the area was rife with emerging and fringe religious movements. Dozens of ideas were thrown against the wall, most did not stick; a few (Mormonism, Quakers, 7th Day Adventists) did.

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