The Theist- I challenge you
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04-01-2013, 05:58 AM
RE: Lets do it.
(02-01-2013 04:46 PM)The Theist Wrote:  
(20-11-2012 10:33 PM)Atothetheist Wrote:  I want to debate about the resurrection of Jesus.

Usually the negative position, in which I am representing, would go AFTER the affirmative position, which would be yours.

I am assuming you believe in Christ's resurrection?

I've written stuff online about the two census (the incorrect atheist opinion is that there was only one) as well as a response to Dan Barker's Easter Challenge. But according to the rules here I can't repost or rewrite those, which I think is selfish and stupid approach to SEO. I can't think of any other reasons to deny the resurrection.
Dude, what are you saying? What do censuses have to do with the resurrection? I asked you to provide evidence for the resurrection. I am doubting the resurrection, not denying it.

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15-01-2013, 03:47 PM
RE: The Theist- I challenge you
Closed due to the absense of The Theist. May be re-opened should he re-appear.

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