The Tri-Religious Concordant and the Fallacy of Emotions.
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06-01-2013, 11:55 AM
The Tri-Religious Concordant and the Fallacy of Emotions.
In my line of experience there are 3 things which people usually never bother to question, when imposed upon to question them by others all have the exact same reactions of anger and intolerance to reason.

The first of these is often the most questioned, Religion, there are many of you here who have bothered yourselves with questioning religion and or your god. Most of you have come to the conclusion that a god does not exist and that your religion was wrong. Many of you did this through scientific reasoning and logical deduction. But that's also where many of you stopped.

You should not have stopped, there is so much more to question, there are so many more lies we believe.

The second of these is the uncommonly questioned but it's still has a surprising number of people who at least try... even if some of them are wrong in their questions an answers. This one would be the government of your nation. Like religion many people believe in their government, think it unlikely to be wrong or corrupt. And further advance their belief that theirs is probably the best. But they are wrong, every government in this world is corrupt, the only question is to what degree? Many of you, like religion, were indoctrinated to your government. Never allowed to express your own thoughts when you were a child and shunned when ever bothering to question it's doings. Now many of you also shun others who would dare question your society. Just like religious people do when others question their religion.

The third is history, rarely ever questioned, and even worse is the sheer hatred that comes upon those who do question it. People feel as though their history can't possibly be wrong. It's in the history books after all! Therefore to them it must be true! but this deduction is the same self evidence that bible thumpers use to proclaim their validity of divine origin. Be it the Torah, the Bible, or the Quran. The followers of the Abrahamic Trilogy all spout the same that because their book exists, then their god must be real. Now some of you do question or deny history, but only when it suits your needs. And mostly only when it involves religious affairs.

And now I will move on to emotions, emotions blind people from the truth. Their hatred stops them from seeing reason in an argument and their passion denies them the insight to question that which they feel they belong to. Hatred does not need a target in order to corrupt it's host. All that it requires is your anger.

Until you are able to overcome your emotions and think rationally, every atheist is just the zealot that the born again christians or muslims are.
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