The Trial of Diddo97
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28-10-2014, 04:22 PM
RE: The Trial of Diddo97
(13-10-2014 02:13 PM)The Q Continuum Wrote:  I am not questioning that Diddo's postings are questionable. I'm suggesting that The Q have different methods for dealing with troublemakers than hate.
How familiar are you with the Q justice system? Because I'm aware of two examples:
-Crippling and stripping somebody of 99.99999% of their reasoning ability before throwing them to the space wolves.
-Locking somebody in an empty box for all eternity.

Banning Diddo (about which I have no opinion) seems like the lesser evil here.
(08-10-2014 06:37 AM)Ace Wrote:  do we even have a judge and laws for this ? also I thought trolling was allowed under freedom of speech ?
Freedom of speech only means that a government can't censor you and people can't stop you from talking. People can still tell you to shut up and they don't have to provide a forum for you to talk in.
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