The US is #1!
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31-01-2013, 02:03 PM
RE: The US is #1!
Dude with how many fat people we have free healthcare would put us into the 20 trillions lol.
(31-01-2013 02:44 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  
(30-01-2013 10:20 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  That will change soon I believe. I see the US being unable to continue being the world police for even 10 more years. As a matter of fact we are in the process of kicking a shit-load of people out of the Navy, Army, and Airforce...probably the Marines and Coast Guard as well. The tough part will be severing the ties between the 'military-industrial-complex' and our politicians, but it will happen out of necessity as time marches on and our purse strings get shorter. At leas that is my prediction. Get your gay-ass camo on muffs.

[Image: pm_nz1.jpg]

Not that I have any room to talk...the U.S. Navy has a record of having the gayest uniforms imaginable. Although I will say I am quite the stud in my dress blues, though my testicles aren't exactly fans of being crushed every time I have to squeeze into them. You're welcome ladies.
I was shocked for a second at the coincidence of the picture you picked there, at least until I saw the little flags on the mens arms and noticed it was NZ armed forces.
The lady in the middle, Helen Clark, was our Prime Minister for 9 years (3 terms in a row) and is now 3rd or 4th highest position in the UN handling the money (not actually sure if she's still in that position but I assume she is).
She took no shit that women, always NZ first. Pity she was Labor and not National but w/e.

As for camo, it doesn't do it for me, and I sure as fuck would never wear camo. If I HAD to go into a brance of the armed forces it would be the navy simply so I wouldn't have to wear that ugly camo.
Though I'm not feeling the ugly navy hats and that horrible gay scarf.

Quote:Im curious earmuffs what should we spend it on in your eyes?

I haven't thought about it like stop spending money on armed forces, spend it on X. Also thought of it on a more macro sense as reducing spending on the armed forces is but only one change of a number of changes.

If I had to say though, off the top of my head how about start with the XX% of people below the poverty line and move up from there. Free healthcare, better education, better infrustructure (public transport focus), paying off the countries debt etc.. etc..
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