The Underlying Effects of Religion
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15-12-2010, 01:38 AM
RE: The Underlying Effects of Religion
The scariest thing about religion is that it doesn't matter how much evidence or proof you have to on your side, it means absolutely nothing to a theist. Angry
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15-12-2010, 08:25 AM
RE: The Underlying Effects of Religion
lets hear some "Proof", start with that talking snake bit, or maybe the "living in the belly of a whale " one...
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26-05-2011, 05:55 PM
Wink RE: The Underlying Effects of Religion
Hello, everyone! I'm new hear and this is my very first post! I grew up with a strict, god-fearing Catholic mom and although I wish I hadn't, I did believe. When I had issues with the church (pedophilia, no female priests), I rationalized it away. When I had issue with the Bible, I would go to a believer who would put my doubts to rest with a few dumb platitudes. I am naturally skeptical; that coupled with my actually reading the Bible, cover to cover, on my own led to my atheism in less than 1 month.

As an atheist my life has improved in these ways:
1. I value relationships with other people and the environment much more. I nurture those who love me and don't feel any moral obligation to keep anyone, even a parent, in my life who disrespects or devalues me.
2. I have learned to judge people by their actions toward others and not their belief and in which god.
3. I no longer procrastinate on things that matter to me and wait for god to pick up the pieces; I make the most of my one life and reap the rewards.
4. I eat better and value my youth through staying active and exercise.
5. I am psychologically liberated and free of the fear, guilt, and anxiety of religious life.
Everyday, I am thankful that I let myself out of the cage of religion and started to live my life
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26-05-2011, 06:08 PM
RE: The Underlying Effects of Religion
(30-08-2010 05:23 PM)athnostic Wrote:  The more I live without god, the more I realize how I allowed fallacies to direct my life. I wonder how many christians out there are suffering the same needless pain?

I left relationships under-developed because I believed I had an eternity to spend with my loved ones.

I didn't always take care of my body because I felt I had a "do over" when I died.

I didn't always respect the planet I live on or its co-inhabitants because I believed mankind was the pinnacle of creation and that god would restore anything I left damaged.

I became complacent and willing to let god work on my problems for me instead of working hard to solve them myself.

I felt bitter because prayers were never answered and evil never was never lessened instead of realizing that chance has no agenda.

How has religion affected you?

it actually made me feel sadder when my loved ones died. when i was 7 my sisters' dad and our grandpa died in the same week and i couldn't help but believe that i was hated by the all powerful and glorious god. i couldn't understand why it had to happen. now i understand that they lived good lives and it was just a freak accident and though i may never see them i know that they were happy while they lived.

also, it made me feel as though i could be as unhappy and waste my time complaining as much as i wanted because after all i would go to heaven and get to be happy forever, right? wrong. i am not happier because i have to be, but why waste my limited time sulking about me "horrible" life(quotes because my life's actually pretty great).

along with all of that, religion made me feel guilty for being pansexual. i felt that i was going against god and that i was a terrible person for liking girls. i relentlessly criticized myself for not following what god had told mankind. now i know that it's perfectly fine for me to love whomever i want to. (and if you know, i became atheist at age 9. yeah, i figured out myself that early xD)
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