The Universe Was Never a Singularity
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19-03-2013, 01:37 PM
RE: The Universe Was Never a Singularity
The most beautiful theory for the beginning of the Universe is not one singularity, that is far too improbable - one single singularity and nothing else? A more probable start for our iteration of the Universe is from the dying remains of the previous one. At the point of the beginning of the current Universe (we can't really use the term 'time', though the arrow of time maintains cause and effect) there was probably a galaxy or two filled with Supermassive Black Holes (SMB), and the superdense remnants of dead and dying stars (Gravitars, red dwarfs, neutron stars). Why should we have to wait until all matter and energy has converged into a single singularity? This is a far more fertile environment for a Big Bang, and perhaps not just one, a chain reaction of Big Bangs through the Primordial Galaxy. This would explain Inflation far more elegantly than the expansion at a greater speed than that of light, which is just not necessary.
Our scientific instruments can only see as far as the Background Microwave Radiation, this is our Event Horizon (EH) and we are on the inside. Light travelling away from us from the proto-galaxies 13.7 Billion Light Years (BLY) away is now 27.4 BLY away and that expanse almost certainly contains more matter and energy than exists in our 'visible universe'. Since matter closer to our EH is that much nearer to the matter > 13.7, the gravitational effect on the ex-EH matter is greater than that from the matter inside. Can you see where I'm going with this? Dark Energy, the repulsive force 'pushing' our Universe apart is also likely to turn out to be a myth; this is just a normal effect of gravity.
This is what I choose to believe; there is no need for a divine creator, the laws of physics are enough. Theists have nothing useful to add to what is already known, and if they want to speculate further in this area, I suggest they do so in private, in a darkened, sound-proofed room where they will not be overheard, and save themselves from the humiliation of being laughed at.
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