The Water Cycle
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09-04-2014, 01:37 PM
RE: The Water Cycle
(09-04-2014 12:33 PM)Lightvader Wrote:  
(09-04-2014 12:30 PM)Heywood Jahblome Wrote:  Google "ion escape" if you want to learn about how gases in the atmosphere can be stripped from a planet.

i know that gasses escape the earth. First,water does not ionize in the water cycle. Second,i am asking you to cite your source that if the magnetic field was stripped away,it would increase the rate of atposheric escape

Without a magnetic field diverting the solar wind, most of the atmosphere would be stripped away.

Wikipedia Wrote:The solar wind exerts a pressure, and if it could reach Earth's atmosphere it would erode it. However, it is kept away by the pressure of the Earth's magnetic field. The magnetopause, the area where the pressures balance, is the boundary of the magnetosphere. Despite its name, the magnetosphere is asymmetric, with the sunward side being about 10 Earth radii out but the other side stretching out in a magnetotail that extends beyond 200 Earth radii. Sunward of the magnetopause is the bow shock, the area where the solar wind slows abruptly.

Wikipedia article.

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09-04-2014, 02:39 PM
RE: The Water Cycle
The Noah story could not have happened. There isn't enough apologizing they can do to make it feasible. Here is very comprehensive argument against it.

Our magnetosphere is generated internally by our iron core. Essentially, all geothermic processes would need to cease before it goes bye-bye.

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