The Who Created Jesus Episode
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01-12-2013, 03:25 PM
The Who Created Jesus Episode
I didn't read the Caesar's Messiah book, but I did watch the documentary film supporting it. The recent episode of The Thinking Atheist Podcast which discussed it was very interesting.

I agree with Robert Price that the Caesar's Messiah theory goes overboard with supposition, and people should in no way see it as a fact. There is too much that cannot stand up as supportable history to be labeled conclusive or taught in school as history. If there is anything to the story, then we must remember that it was a covert action that tried to cover itself up to people even then. Who could expect to find solid evidence this far out?

I am grateful for the theory, and treat it as only a theory that I fit into my own suppositions.

As we currently have no solid ideas of authorship, I work with the best idea I can spin up out of the flimsy things I know from my modest studies.

1. Rome had conquered and was trying to manage a stiff-necked and rebellious people who were loaded with oral traditions and superstitions and a jealous and angry God.

2. Since we see that Romans were experts at controlling populations with belief structures, it seems plausible to me that if the Romans could not get around the "God of Abraham" with the Jewish people, they would have to destroy or suppress the belief, or create a competing belief or sequel that could soften them up. The turn the other cheek, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, don't look for happiness in this life, look towards the afterlife, obey your rulers, etc., all seem consistent with a system of propaganda that would turn people into sheep (or lambs).

3. Josephus' history and its parallels to the gospels are interesting, and similarities can be seen, but some are a stretch.

4. Supposedly written about 30 years after the time Jesus was supposed to have died, I would love to see the original Josephus version of a gospel if it existed. I would love to see the crude and rudimentary form it would have taken. How was it first passed around? Who read it and did it take off immediately? How quickly did fan fiction start popping up as new gospels according to (fill in the blank)?

5. Supposing that at 20 years after Josephus had released his "Gospel", there were now hundreds of "Eyewitness accounts" floating around, with dozens of competing "Gospels", and now people are gathering, meeting, talking about this, the message would have morphed into a mish mash of competing ideas and accounts.

6. Suppose that the message Josephus began could no longer be recognized in what was becoming Christianity by 100 years out, but it was now effective in making people passive and malleable. Councils gathered to form an official version of the story. It took the books that best fit the narrative they wanted to run with.

7. Emperor Constantine takes the repackaged Christianity, makes it the official religion of the Roman Empire and exports it around the controlled world, with edicts and proclamations against blasphemy and executing those with opposing beliefs.

By this time, we have left the back roads and have taken the on-ramp back onto mainstream history.

I cannot back up any of this. It is based solely on the idea that although stories may change, the nature of people in societies seldom change, and that watching how urban legends can become facts in a world filled with the credulous, and how people with always jump into a myth with their "eyewitness accounts" to soak up attention and fame.

I also point to the way populations are controlled by propaganda, like "Freedom", "Patriotism", "Capitalism".

As Americans we aren't taught philosophy or how to think. We are taught what to think. We are also punished when we swim against the stream.

In conclusion, this is merely a supposition that makes enough sense to me as to be possible. To me alone, it seems probable. I cannot see how it could ever be proven to be more than that, but in the absence of concrete history from that era and no flux capacitors available, I see it as my private idea of how this all may have started.

There are some questions that will never have provable answers.
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01-12-2013, 04:44 PM
RE: The Who Created Jesus Episode
The Who recreated Jesus in Tommy. Big Grin

Skepticism is not a position; it is an approach to claims.
Science is not a subject, but a method.
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