The Whole "We were founded as a Christian nation" argument
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03-03-2015, 09:10 AM
RE: The Whole "We were founded as a Christian nation" argument
(03-03-2015 06:47 AM)onlinebiker Wrote:  You have to take into account the "devout" inclination to paint history with a modern brush. This accounts for the modern Christian assuming that ancient Christians believed and worshiped exactly the same as the modern counterpart.

It also whitewashes the past to make it seem that earlier Christians didn't treat the cattle better than women and children, that they believed the earth was flat, the center of the universe - and anyone who wasn't a Christian wasn't really human - and could be treated as a slave or simply a savage who needed extermination.

When you "believe" anything is possible. (providing you ignore enough facts)
Just so. I maintain that a modern Christian would be, at minimum, baffled if not outright shocked, at the lack of recognition they'd have if they could be a time-traveling fly on the wall at a 1st century Christian house church. And I can certainly guarantee that a 1st century Christian, observing 21st century Christian belief and practice, would cry "heretic!" -- even if we could magically compensate for their culture shock and technology shock.

It is the conceit of many religions, particularly the zillion flavors of Christianity, that they are immutable. If that were truly the case, they would die out. Every human enterprise has to evolve to remain relevant. Religion simply changes slowly, judiciously, and a couple of generations out of phase with the host culture. In this way, it appears to any given person that nothing of substance ever changes, and that the religion is actually biased in favor of "traditional values".

Even Christian fundamentalists do this. Sure, there are holdouts who still demand their women wear ankle-length or longer skirts, never wear pants, and never cut their hair. Sure, there are the old order Amish who won't drive cars or use telephones. But there WAS a time when the horse and buggy and the steel plow were "modern technology", so who's kidding who?
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