The Will of God!
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04-06-2010, 12:35 PM
The Will of God!
I just read the bible.
(The Corinther Letters)

Here is the Story:

There was a christian who said that he believes that the world was made in 6 days[...] he believes that god made all everything and that the the evolution is givin by Satan etc...

Than I asked him if he believes in everything that is written down in the bible.
He answered that he believes in every word that is written in the holy book.

Than I asked him, "was Hitler an evil man" and of course he answered yes.

lets have a view into the bible →
[...]every goverment is wanted by god, they fulfil gods will[...]
(you shall read it in your english bible.. /this is just a free translation)

so the nazi goverment was given by god, the holocaust was the will of god.

After some more discussion and deadly stares of his companyons i asked him the folowong thig:
„ Are you going to kill jews now?“ - the meeting ended there..

[Image: alwaffen0al.gif]
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04-06-2010, 03:32 PM
RE: The Will of God!
In Israel we ask the religious similar question "If god exist, and if he is a superpower, how could he let the Holocaust happen?"
And what they answer? "it is because the abandon religion of the Jewish"
And when we tell them a lot more religious people were murdered in the Holocaust (or 1.5 million inocent kids who could never have sin), they say "As humans, we can't understand the greatness of god"........................................................

I told it one time (I think) and I will tell this another thousand times if needed- If god exists, and therefor could prevent the Holocaust and didn't, he is not a god I want to woreship. And if he doesn't exists, and therefor couldn't prevent the Holocaust, I have no reason to woreship a phantom.
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05-06-2010, 07:39 AM
RE: The Will of God!
Very interesting arguments.

I used to always challenge and debate people. But you know, I realized that as atheists our goal shouldn't be convert people to our own beliefs. I found that if I openly attacked people's beliefs, they become defensive, firm, and unchanging.

However at my school, I have convinced many religious people that there is no god. Many know I am atheist, many also know I'm the captain of my football team, leader in student council, and a really nice guy. They saw through my actions, not words, that atheists are not heartless. We are self-directing human. That's what I consider myself.

The beautiful thing about atheists who feel empathy, and help people in need is that you know they did it cause they care. Not because their afraid of going to hell.
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