The Will to Live
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16-01-2012, 07:47 PM
The Will to Live
Almost four months old as an atheist, and I continue to grow in the direction of "rational, normal human being." Today it is the thought of applying this will to political agenda; with my blog of killing creationists officially supporting a creationist for president.

In simple terms of love and hate, there may be no better expression of positive atheism; at least outta this unit. This is because it took 43 years to become this atheist and what follows may become the Blue Suns faction of atheism...

...some fundie - KC? - needs to write a blog called killing blue suns. It is tao. Big Grin

It is an integral component of the agenda to recognize my potential for becoming evil in real-world terms of people getting killed. Atheist as an identifier moved past journeyman prophet in terms of archetype four months ago, whereas "Blue Suns faction" is representational of this hammer seeing not only problems and nails, but also screwdrivers and vodka.

I was born without name. It has been one common thread of the entire 43 year back story... My mother always said I should have been an abortion, and I have always agreed, thus I have become pro-choice. is said that if one has nothing good to say, then one should say nothing. I got a slogan.

I also have a will to return to the place of my birth to replace legal entitlement with my name - anticipating court hassle but literally declaring jihad. That ain't free will, that is will. There is not "infinite possibility;" thus it is only necessary to consider likely outcomes based on passed experience. In 2003 my legal entitlement was parolee into Phoenix without positive reference. Eight years later, all vectors point forwards; what signifies here is the relative non-existence of that legal entitlement in terms of this community. Here's a coupla vectors:

Ask about ________ (my legal entitlement); there's records, and maybe ten people going, "I think so..."

Ask about, you know that guy with the Gwynnie thing? And the difference between Entitlement given by others and Name earned by self... it can be read in the emotional context. That is my jihad, to bring Name back to Man from the gods...

Was that Edmund Burke who defamed my name? All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing... I know that is completely and inexcusably wrong as Evil in Name, I am content in Evil in Being; and I am willing Evil into the world.

If that's too much will for you, it is the will of this Blue Suns atheist. People talking about rights and responsibilities, about tolerance and licence, about justifying... using emotional context to enhance their identities and depreciate others... to pontificate as if their expertise is infallible...

Lemme update: All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to only identify evil in others and not the self.

Objective reality currently records two Eddie Cs. There is only one. The son is the father to the moral will. From Void, Gwyneth Paltrow created me 0/1/2/3 I am 4 (I love that stuff); what is worrisome in objective reality is the force of this will - that has no right - willing itself into global awareness.

That's the story I like to tell; of being a nobody in nowheresville who fell for a star. There was no god, there was no morality; there was a guy who had nothing until her drew a girl who had everything. Now everything just has to GTFO my way. Big Grin

Bending reality to my will, is that a position an atheist finds acceptable?

That is what I remember, that is what I fear, that is what my faith is telling me; that there is no future, that I will create future, that I must create future responsibly.

living word
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