The Wolf Gift- By Anne Rice
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27-12-2014, 07:06 AM
The Wolf Gift- By Anne Rice
Well folks, she's at it again.

Anne Rice, in 2012, writes the newest installment to her repertoire. The Wolf Gift is about a young journalist named Reuben Golding, who is attacked while touring a local historical mansion. Saved by a strange animal, Reuben is shocked to find that, yes the animal bit him, and yes, he turns into a werewolf.

Basically, the novel falls short. It has very little actual content, very little in the way of a plotline, the climax is underwhelming, and two of the plots never get resolved.

I'm a lover of all things Werewolf, which allowed me to struggle through this sub-par novel. It moves at the speed of snail, has entirely too much philosophical, moral, and theological arguements, and just completely ignores common sense.

The main character is anything but shallow, but the other supporting characters leave much to be desired. A reviewer on Amazon aptly stated: "This book should have been called <Everyone Loves Reuben>", and I completely agree.

Rices' concept is brilliant. She avoids the tired "I'm infected with Lycanthropy, I need to find a cure" plot device, and instead pushes a vigilante werewolf with a nose for evil. But the book stilts its dialogue, pushes through action entirely too quick, and focus' too much on the actual house. I kid you not, there is about 25 pages that describe the house alone.

If you love Werewolf fiction, get the book. Her Ideas and history behind the Chrism are flawless. But, if you are simply a casual supernatural horror reader, avoid this book, it's too expensive to justify putting it down after the first 100 pages.

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