The Wonder and Beauty of Scientific Chaos
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24-07-2012, 04:18 PM
The Wonder and Beauty of Scientific Chaos
I thought it would be nice to take a little time to reflect on some recent discoveries I have been making on my journey to a greater understanding. Lately, I have been interested in science. I know that this topic is such a common subject that exists within the minds of extremely curious individuals, but many philosophers seem to ignore the purely aesthetic aspect of the scientific realm.

Chaos, contrary to many spiritualists, is simply beautiful. And of course, science is abound with chaos. The paradox of simplicity is implicit within nature's chaotic state. Biologically speaking, the process of Darwinian natural selection is executed in the smoothest fashion that is both stunning and intricate. The anarchic assembly of gene structures and proteins is truly and wonderfully fascinating. Astronomy also speaks of the glories of chaos. Principles about particle physics are always under strict revision with new discoveries, and this is a very exciting time for areas that involve dark matter and energy. New theories are coming forth that attempt to deal with the extravagance of the cosmos, and it is apparent that there is much to be discovered and examined. (I am really excited to take my astronomy class next semester.)

I think I am finally beginning to understand what Dawkins implies when he notices the "... awed wonder that science can give us" (Dawkins 1998). From chaos, the evolution of the human mind came into being. The human mind is quite good at noticing changes and making astute observations. This should not be taken lightly. We have all heard the boringly cliche saying, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Mundane or not, there is truth in this saying. Our minds were made to wonder, and science and chaos serve as a promising catalyst.
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