The climate change conspiracy
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02-06-2015, 10:17 AM
RE: The climate change conspiracy
(29-05-2015 06:42 AM)TheBeardedDude Wrote:  I keep running into debates on climate change on Facebook, and since I study paleoclimates, it is always hard for me to resist them. Invariably I always run into an "argument" along the lines of climate change just being one big hoax/conspiracy (and you clearly don't need to go to Facebook to find such idiocy when congressmen are throwing snowballs on the floor).

But I am always amused at just how stupid people sound without realizing it. In order for climate change to be a hoax/conspiracy, here is what it would take.

It would have to be multidisciplinary conspiracy. It would involve climate researchers (current and paleoclimate), geologists (geochemists, paleontologists, glaciologists, etc), chemists, physicists, oceanographers, meteorologists, and Earth Scientists of varying backgrounds (including atmospheric scientists and those who study various aspects of our solar system including the sun and the other planets).

It would have to be multinational such that the liberals of the world (or those closer to the left), and a few misguided republican souls I guess. As the U.S. is not the only nation discussing climate change, or the only one to be affected, or the only one researching it, the governments of the world must be in on it.

To recap, either climate change (including anthropogenic influence) is real and scientists are independently realizing it while studying it. OR it is a multidisciplinary international liberal conspiracy that is designed

Designed to kill all conservatives?
Designed to kill Jesus...again?
Designed to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry?
Designed to shovel money into clean energy?
Designed to make the world a better place? if.

I hear you dude. I've run into similar experiences on FB with crazy talk of scientists being bribed, NASA fabricating the whole thing... This is all from people that obviously know nothing about science and how the scientific process functions. A lot of it arises from U.S. based geocentrism in these people that are unaware that the rest of the world is also doing research into anthropogenic climate change. It is not just NASA and NOA that have come to these conclusions, they have been corroborated by scientists outside the U.S. It is laughable (and maddening) that people would believe in something that would have to be a hoax of unimaginable proportions.
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