The day a town died
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01-11-2016, 10:24 PM
The day a town died
Today and tomorrow, November 2 and 3, Is the 100th anniversary of the retaking of the Fort au Vaux. This event is frequently used to mark the end of the battle of Verdun and one of the most emblematic moment in World War 1. The battle of Verdun remains a symbole of WWI despite the fact it "only" caused 700 000 casualties in almost a year of continuous combat. The impact of the battle was so great in the French army, thanks to the fact that almost all French unit participated in this specific engagement, that most soldiers (AKA les poilus) were used to say: "He who hasn't fought in Verdun hasn't fought the War."

After the war, the damage caused by the artillerie was so great that nine towns, villages and their surrounding, including the one surrounding Fort au Vaux, had to be abandonned. Lands were barren and could not support farming and rebuilding on damaged soils would have been dangerous. The battlefield and the fort itself are now used as a museum dedicated to the victim of the battle. For several years, many thought that this battlefield and those ghost towns would become the symbole of peace so that no war would ever reach the savagery of those days of 1916. They were monstruously wrong. To this date, in Syria alone, at least 42 488 person have been killed and twice more injured.

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