The definition of self defeating!
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28-02-2012, 10:28 PM
The definition of self defeating!
I've seen plenty of news reports over the last year or so about protests against the current economic state of various countries (especially Greece). These protests quite often turn violent.

Is it just me or is this practically the most self defeating act in the history of mankind? If you are unhappy because your country is in a precarious economic state with very little money then how is it helpful to organise a huge protest which requires extra policing and therefore more money? Then how is it helpful to being rioting, not only do large amounts of police have to be deployed with expensive equipment but the clean-up bill usually runs into the millions?

Seems like another example of general public retardedness. We're not happy with the lack of Government funds, what are we gonna do, lets force the Government to waste millions more with stupid reckless actions, then moan when we have even less money because we're too dumb to realise it's our fault. Makes perfect fucking sense!

Sometimes I am actually surprised these people have a high enough IQ to remember to breathe. Then I remember that they probably don't and the lack of oxygen their pathetic excuse for a brain receives is probably compounding the problem.

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29-02-2012, 12:31 AM
RE: The definition of self defeating!
I think you're missing an important point here, that this people, when they go to the streets to protest is because, usually, they don't have any other alternative. They can't invest into making some business because they don't have the money to do so, they can't get find a work because those who have the companies to offer jobs don't do it to save money, and finally the government don't show any sign of doing anything useful to solve the problems or at least they don't seem interested in the people's problems.

Of course there are exceptions, in this things there always are, but I can understand their situation, we had one similar in 2001 in Argentina, it was messy, huge economic collapse due to wild neoliberal policies, the president had the brilliant idea that in order to solve the problems they should take people's savings so the banks could keep profiting at the expense of people well being.

Riots, protests, two weeks and five presidents later, we finally got somewhat stabilized socially, but it took ten years to overcome the financial crisis, which is pretty quick if you ask any economist, but that happened because of a drastic change in the economic policies, we have huge social aid programs and other "socialist" measures, but are actually very capitalist, as they are intended to encourage consumption to favour local market and blah blah...

I think this kind of protests are an investment, to the politics to wake up and to remember who are they working for, and to the bankers and big companies owners, to remember that they are not free to do whatever they want without consequences, and to the people in general, so they can remember who has the real power. Because in the end, after all the money is counted and all the alliances are made, the power resides on the people, they may be misinformed or misguided, but the community is who makes the real changes.

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