The false equivalency of Israeli apartheid
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16-11-2012, 05:15 PM
The false equivalency of Israeli apartheid
Watching the news right now it's easy to be confused about the situation in Israel. Israel - who has had a perpetual blockade of the Palestinian territories for years now - is "fearful" about several hundred rockets coming from Palestinians (most of which have been destroyed mid-air by their missile-defense system). What do they do about this fear? They send ground troops into Gaza. Israelis are occupying Palestinian territory that was stolen (a-la Trail of Tears) and oppressing the people. Palestinians cannot vote in Israeli elections, cannot import building supplies, and have no representation in the Israeli parliament. Their hospitals, schools, mosques, and housing complexes are routinely targeted by Israeli gunships.

You hear a lot about how Palestinians say they want to destroy Israel, and to be honest I cannot blame them in the slightest. If I had witnessed the oppression and apartheid that the Palestinian people had, I'd probably want to destroy the state apparatus that perpetrated those crimes as well.

Why do you guys think that is? Why is it okay for Israelis to kill Palestinians and to use their religious rhetoric to do so, but when Palestinians stage futile efforts at asymmetric warfare it's called terrorism and murder? Here are my theories:
  • Palestinians tend to have darker skin. We don't really care for the darker skinned people in the American media, not unless they have money or political power.
  • Palestinians tend to be Muslims, and it seems like it's "open season" on Muslims politically speaking.
  • Israelis are richer and more powerful, so they win the day because they control a majority consensus.
  • America - due its own imperialist goals and gains - sympathizes with Israel as they have similar imperialist aims.
  • American Christianity - since the 1960s - seems as though they have fetishized Judaism, and now defend it so long as it maintains some sort of right-wing orthodoxy that reinforces their romantic ideas about the Christ times.
  • Good old American military strategy.
  • Did I mention that Palestinians tend to have brown skin?
What do you think? Am I way off?

~ themanchicken
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