The films of Mitchell and Kenyon in 1900
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14-04-2016, 03:52 PM
The films of Mitchell and Kenyon in 1900
I'm fascinated by this film. From Wikipedia, the Mitchell and Kenyon film is "the largest surviving collection of early non-fiction actuality films in the world. This collection provides a fresh view of Edwardian Britain and is an important resource for historians."

These are street scenes of ordinary people in the UK from different cities and includes some of the earliest football matches ever filmed. Some of you British forum members might recognize some of the streets in the films.

I loved the woman's voice narrating the film. She has a such a casual way of describing the films, unlike other narrator I've heard who are too authoritative and overbearing. It's a long video but if anyone gets a chance it's fun to watch in bits and pieces and imagine the lives of the people in the film. Also, notice the hats. Except for the football players, everyone...and I mean everyone, is wearing a hat, from tiny babies to the elderly.

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