The flood
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09-01-2011, 03:32 PM
RE: The flood
I wasn't aware that reality had a bias.

Evolution was formed from the inductive method. This means that observations were made about the nature of life, and then a theory was constructed to explain these observations. Evolution is supported by all the evidence so far, and contradicted by none. This is because it was made to explain the evidence in the first place.If the evidence suggested that something else was at work, then science would modify/replace the theory accordingly. Science has no doctrine it must uphold. It simply seeks to explain the world. If science has conjured up an explanation, it is because the evidence supports it, not because it is advantageous or tradition.

You constantly use the deductive method. You have a preconceived notion of what is true in your head. Then, you find "evidence" that supports this prejudiced view, and disregard evidence that does not. Just sprinkle in a bit of "probably" and "could have" and God's omnipotent hand. Religion has a doctrine it must uphold to assert its authority. It needs to maintain that archaic stories drawn up by ancient goat herders are still true and relevant.
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