The greatest failure
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04-10-2012, 10:01 AM
RE: The greatest failure
OWS was doomed to failure because they claimed to represent the 99%, when they did not. Not everyone had a beef with what they were screaming about. We have a few in common, but that's about it. I think the average American viewed OWS as a bunch of spoiled rotten kids and leftover hippies. If you are going to have a movement, you have to have an objective and clearly defined goals. Look at the Tea Party. Ultimately they got swallowed by the Republican Party, but look at how fast they gained ground.

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04-10-2012, 02:07 PM
RE: The greatest failure
(30-09-2012 12:22 AM)Bucky Ball Wrote:  Long term change requires long term, nitty-gritty, boring-ass, in-the-trenches, hard, give-up-something-to-get-it-done work, when the shine has worn off. Not all people get that. My generation thinks it's entitled to everything, with the swipe of daddy's debit card.

It's not entirely dead is it ? It was fairly obvious from the start, in many places there was little organization. Also, it was dependent on those people not having jobs. Some of them were offered jobs. The economy has improved a little.

I think there was a vast mischaracterization of what the movement was via biased outlooks on many people. There was plenty of people who went in and actually had jobs as well but were going regularly in contrast to the general lack of job people.

My big issue with it was one of their "points" or ideas... they had no direction or idea of a message because they WANTED there to be none. I kept seeing the push to say we want no leader or no message... which took away any action it had.

The reason it failed in contrast to the TeaParty movement was because there is no strong political party that is right on the side in agreement with them. A good deal of republicans were already right near the line of libertarian/teaparty folk... The occupy wallstreet single idea of a message was to remove government money and wallstreet money from having so much control over government action. There's not a great deal of congress level politicians that are truly on that movement. Democratic congressmen are not frequently in that bunch despite what some of the liberal commentators may want to believe.

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