The hidden attack on whiteness
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26-11-2014, 12:40 AM
RE: The hidden attack on whiteness
Im typing this on a smart phone. When we talk about the race, its just a man made construct. Look, when we travel and others ask who you are you say "american". When we are here and others ask who you are you say "polish, german, mexican. " etc. I just say im a mutt, well im part french, german, mexican, native american, english, etc. When people say they are white, they tend to mean european or russian, eastern european. So when the orginal post says "white are excuded..." it forgotton to him, there is a swedish american, german american, ukraine american etc. Or on my case...america american. Or redneck, if you will. I have a friend from ghana, snd we talked about furguson cop incident. His take is its an american shooting another american. And most of ghana careless. In africa, people divide themselves by their language. Some speak twi, ga, or we divide ourselves by race. My guess is our genetic make up does not follow our neat catagories.
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