The invasion of Afghanistan...what was this all about?
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18-12-2012, 07:31 AM
RE: The invasion of Afghanistan...what was this all about?
(18-12-2012 02:02 AM)Filox Wrote:  Oh My God! What a bunch of HORSE SHIT!! Motherfucker, did you just called KLA a terror organization?

This just proved that you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. KLA targeted civilian infrastructure? Where? In Kosovo? Why would the target their own infrastructure, or kill their own people? What the fuck are you talking about? Did they target structures in Serbia maybe? No, no they didn't... Oh wait, wait, I see now. You have used "srpska mreza" site as your unbiased source of information? Are you fucking insane? How dare you? Do you realize I live near there and that I know shit, for real?

Let us continue with bashing you and your sources... You took a Serbian article, made by Serbians, about the part of the land that Serbs consider theirs forever and you presented that here, without thinking it just might be a little bit exaggerated and falsified. Did you hear about the sovereignty that Kosovo had before the war for INDEPENDENCE? Did you know that there was a referendum where majority of people from Kosovo voted for indenpendent Kosovo? Did you know that they had a constitutional right for independence and a referendum? Did you know that Serbs from Kosovo then started with all sorts of shit, like blockades, taking over the borders, stopping the international forces from helping Kosovo with medical supplies, food and stuff like that? You think they gave them weapons? No, KLA used Serbian AK47, because they had their own ways of getting more weapons than USA could ever provide them, undercover.

USA did not break Yugoslavia, our internal problems, conflicts and the lack of money to hold us together did. USA and the west helped by not helping, or by slightly pushing us, yes, but you can not blame it on them, this was our fault, our politicians, our will for independence. But since you have no idea about the Balkan region, there really is no point in drawing all the problems on the board.

Please, pretty please, with sugar on top, STOP talking about the things you just read somewhere on the internet. It makes you look like a stupid, biased asshole.
Are you denying that NATO and Osama Bin Laden helped the KLA? Osama Bin Laden even sent fighters to the Balkans to fight with the KLA.

I love how you never even denied any of that, you just got mad and yelled making it seem like you were saying something but really didn't say anything at all.

Now back to Osama Bin Laden and the KLA. Are you denying that Osama Bin Laden sent fighters and assisted the KLA?

Are you denying that the U.S. assisted the KLA?
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