"The mind is proof of god's existence."
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23-01-2013, 04:59 PM
RE: "The mind is proof of god's existence."
(20-01-2013 05:59 AM)Chujutsu Wrote:  Hello guys.

I told a new acquaintance of mine that I was reading The God Delusion. She was appalled at the title, telling me that god is not a delusion. I asked her for her proof. She told me that the mind is proof.

Personally, I am not entirely convinced of the argument, seeing that I didn't really push her for more. However, I would like to know what you guys think about it, like a possible refutation to her statement.

How does the mind prove the existence of a god? That's like saying a comet proves the existence of The Flying Spaghetti Monster when we know it's just a comet.

It's just a mind. It proves nothing else aside from its own self evidence.

How can anyone become an atheist when we are all born with no beliefs in the first place? We are atheists because we were ...
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