"The mind is proof of god's existence."
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24-01-2013, 12:01 AM
RE: "The mind is proof of god's existence."
(20-01-2013 05:59 AM)Chujutsu Wrote:  Hello guys.

I told a new acquaintance of mine that I was reading The God Delusion. She was appalled at the title, telling me that god is not a delusion. I asked her for her proof. She told me that the mind is proof.

Personally, I am not entirely convinced of the argument, seeing that I didn't really push her for more. However, I would like to know what you guys think about it, like a possible refutation to her statement.

This is one of those things that initially strikes us as incredibly deep, self-evident, and zen. And then when we pin it down exactly, it's about as elegant and intelligent as a rock.

No, really. Substitute "rock" for "mind" there. BEHOLD! See this rock? This rock in my hand* is proof of God's existence!

And it isn't. It really, really, really isn't. The rock is there.* But God's existence doesn't follow automatically from that. It isn't even strongly implied by that. Or even weakly. Granted, it's rock solid evidence. But ONLY because it's a rock. *rimshot*

The same is true of the mind. Sure, the mind's there. Cognito ergo sum et cetera. But God's existence does not automatically follow. Refuting an argument like this is like refuting a belch. There's really no argument to refute.

Next time it comes up, press her on that point. How does the existence of a mind imply the existence of a God?

* Ignore that I offer no pics or vid, that you don't actually see the rock in my hand, that you're simply imagining one with the mind that I'm claiming is no longer part of the argument, and that I am in fact too much of a lazy bum to have found and held up a rock as I typed "BEHOLD! See this rock?"

EDIT: For ten bonus points, present an argument for or against my not actually having a rock refuting my own argument.

"If I ignore the alternatives, the only option is God; I ignore them; therefore God." -- The Syllogism of Fail
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