The official *GUITAR GODS* thread
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21-11-2012, 09:07 AM
RE: The official *GUITAR GODS* thread
(20-11-2012 05:19 PM)Grassy Knoll Wrote:  
(20-11-2012 12:56 PM)Denicio Wrote:  I replied to this post before i read all the replies. YOU SIR know your guitar gods. Shawn was an angel among men.
I knew him back in the late 80's and early 90's. He and i used to talk a lot about my chapman stick playing.
Ever see that movie Powder? Shawn was Powder. He was this unexplainable force of life that had unhuman skills on every instrument he touched. He was beautiful from the inside out and NO ONE obsessed over songs & Production like shawn. He was music personified!
If you have the original version of POWERS of TEN..all those electronic drums...were played at once via a keyboard, live into a sequencer and NOT quantized. His piano skills were unmatched. What i love most about shawn was his song writing. No doubt a gifted guitar great but a songwriter phenom (in his style).

Wow Den, I'm flabbergasted! You knew Shawn...? That had to be like the coolest thing ever. I was turned onto him after he'd passed and I admit that I don't know as much as I should about him. What were the circumstances, if you don't mind, of his death?

Shawn died tragically. Info From Wiki:

Lane had psoriasis throughout his life. After age
twelve, he also suffered from
which caused stiffness in his guitar playing only after 2000. His psoriasis was
treated with
hydrocortisone, which caused his weight to
In 2003, Lane was told that he would have to remain on
medical oxygen for the rest of his life.[6]

Lane died in a hospital in Memphis on September 26, 2003 of
lung-related illnesses.
His body was buried at the
Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis.[7]

Simply put, he was abusing his prescription for his condition and it cost him
his life.

I had spoken with Shawn about doing some session work just 6 months before his
passing (Early 2003). Our schedules never aligned so I could get him in. I was
going to bring him in to do piano work and I still recall his reaction
"Wow, I am flattered, no one has ever called me to come do a piano session
before" spoken in that delicate voice of his.

was the guy that hooked me up with LOADS of bootleg King Crimson video (PRE YouTube
and Internet...roughly 1990) so I could watch Tony Levin on the Stick (I used
to play stick too).

is so much to know about Shawn. At his funeral Jim Dandy (huge huge rock star
in the 70's that gave a 14 year old Shawn his break) spoke of the stories of including Ted Nugent. Even at 14 years old Shawn was the best on
the Planet. Self taught too. Often he could be found at the University of
Memphis music library just pouring thru books on music...he was a sponge. Soft
spoken and if anyone can have a Negative Ego (less than ZERO) it would be Shawn.
He was beyond modest.

first night I met him it was at a local restaurant and a close mutual friend
introduced us. Now I had hair past my shoulders and looked like every other
guitar player in town and he often grew tired of talking guitar techniques n
stuff..Well when he discovered I was a Salt Water Fish Tank enthusiast he
literally grabbed me by the hand and drove me to his house. He had done a
tremendous amount of research on Salt Water aquariums; he also discovered that ALL
the systems that oxygenated the water were inferior to what the oceans could
deliver. SO, in a very ‘Shawn’ way…he had built his own and VERY complex
filtration system for his Prize Salt Water Tanks! For the next 3 hours we
talked and talked about FISH! He had this LOVELY Clown Trigger fish.

years later something happened to his aquariums (I think a power failure) and
his fish died. In a way that can only be understood by the mind of Shawn, he
kept his dead fish and dried them out as a memorial. Some of them can be seen
on the cover of his album “Tri Tone Fascination”

still have some very early demo’s of songs that Shawn did that later ended up
on Powers of Ten and Tri Tone Fascination.

consider myself exceptionally fortunate to have met the man, to have connected
with him on a similar passion and to have known his music.

died with a pack of cigarettes to his name. For years his grave did not have a headstone
till (I believe) local musicians took up a fundraiser to honor him.

is a gigantic catalog of music he left behind and hopefully one day it will be

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