The ''piggy cold'' and narcolepsy?
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25-08-2010, 10:40 AM (This post was last modified: 25-08-2010 10:55 AM by Kikko.)
The ''piggy cold'' and narcolepsy?
I dont like the way the trash magazines are handling this situation. After the swine flu vaccinations, the child narcolepsy rates went up (about 20 kids were diagnosed a few months after the vaccination). THL (a healt and welfare administeration) has decided to stop giving the swine flu vaccination until we get some research results showing if the vaccination has something to do with narcolepsy.

So, we dont know yet if the vaccine is the cause of the narcolepsy incidents, but still every time I walk into a grocery store I see the huge headlines:
All these people were harmed,
who has the responsibility?
and such. Today one magazine lsited the 7 serious mistakes made by the authorities:
1. Pandemrix was chosen to be the vaccine and it had been noticed to have many side effects.
2. The vaccine was not researched enough before it was given.
3. THL had connections with the vaccine manufacterers. (Conspiracy nuts?)
4. The vaccination program wasnt followed enough. (?)
5. When the increase of narcolepsia was noticed in May, it didnt lead into further research immidiately.
6. The effectiveness of the vaccine is not known.
7. The avoiding of responsibility.

Most of these, I dont get the point. And the things that I get the point of, I dont get how they were serious mistakes.
I would like them tell us how the vaccination process would have been done better. Just because the swine flu didnt become so bad it was feared to, doesnt mean that the actions of vaccination would have been done wrong.

I wont be whining anymore about this issue, Im just so pissed that some people seem to take the whole medical science and industry as a worldwide conspiracy or something.

Gimme your thoughts and tell how bad is this vaccination thing in the US, UK or some other country with huge population, since my info is purely from finnish trash magazines.

EDIT: Im sorry, this might be a completely useless thread after all, I just found out that the increase in narcolepsy of children has only been noticed in Sweden, Finland and a little bit of Norway. But that rises another question: why are they expecting the cause to be the vaccine if the narcolepsy increase has only been spotted in three countries?:?

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25-08-2010, 11:14 AM
RE: The ''piggy cold'' and narcolepsy?
Because they're stupid. Case in point: graphattic, a guy I ran into about a year ago on YouTube. He still sends me private messages trying to get me to "wake up".

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- A. A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner
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25-08-2010, 11:41 AM
RE: The ''piggy cold'' and narcolepsy?
The hysteria over vaccines has far exceeded the level of reasonableness. Vaccines are blamed for the increase incident of autism and other developmental issues in children without their being any scientific proof. Now, I'll concede that a lack of proof does not in any way mean that the vaccines are not contributing to autism. The Earth rotated around the sun long before man realized it. However, parents are being inundated with dubious information about how to best protect their children.

I don't agree that this is a case of "people are stupid". I think it's more the case of people are frightened. My wife and I know people who's kids have autism - I bet anyone here with kids who lives in a western industrialized nation knows someone who's kid falls somewhere on the autistic scale. We take it for granted that our society is free of the risks associated with diseases like polio, measles, etc. that killed so many children into the 20th century that we question the risk/reward of these vaccines.

There may be some legitimate risks to these vaccines and I think not enough has been done to really answer the questions, but refusing to vaccinate your children (which is a stand people in the US are starting to take) and putting them at risk for some of the diseases they may not contract is, in my mind, not a rational reaction, but a reaction based on fear.

I don't think there is any easy answers to this question and there won't be until someone can provide answers as to what is causing some of these issues.

Btw, I had not heard of this narcolepsy thing until just now.

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25-08-2010, 01:39 PM
RE: The ''piggy cold'' and narcolepsy?
Just wanna make a last update about this thing, the national television news (the most credible TV-network) just told that the studies about narcolepsy and vaccinations already started a couple of months ago and that the results are going to be soon published in some science magazine.

Also, in Sweden children were vaccinated twice, while in Finland just once, but in Sweden only 6 narkolepsy incidents have been reported even though they have twice as much citizen as Finland has, so Sweden should statistically have at least 30 narcolepsy incidents.

So, Im pretty convinced that the odds of these narcolepsy cases being caused by vaccine are very low.

And yes, I also think its fear that causes some to refuse taking vaccines or giving them to their children, but is the only reason for this fear disinformation of some sort? I cant come up with any other possible causes, and thats probably because Im rarely this tired this early and I gotta get some sleep.

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08-02-2011, 12:56 PM
RE: The ''piggy cold'' and narcolepsy?
Sorry to bumb such an old thread, but there's new information.

The institution of health and welfare (THL) has announced that the piggy flu vaccine directly raised the narcolepsy rates to 9 times higher than the normal rate, but it has to have been caused by a mix of the vaccine and other factors, since the rates went up only in nordic countries. Research continues, and they are also trying to find out if there's a link between the vaccine and miscarriages.

Other confirmed side effects of the vaccine (in Finland):
- 20 allergic reactions that required hospital treatment, from which 3 were anaflycsia
- four miscarriages in early pregnancy
- four nerval fave paralysis cases
- one too early birth giving and the death of a new born baby
- one regeneration of the guillan-barre syndrome

The parents of the narcolepsy-kids are, of course, furious. But I argue that if that side effect wouldn't have happened to their relatives, they wouldn't be blaming anyone.
It's impossible to completely test any medicine or vaccine before the marketing starts. There are side effects which happen at such a low rate that they can be noticed only after hunreds of thousands of people have taken it. It is also impossible to fully test how the medicine/vaccine reacts with all other possible factors.
This kind of stuff is inevitable when altering biological states with substances that are foreign to the body, or by altering the amount of a substance that isn't foreign to the body. People shouldn't think that vaccines and medicines are some kind of miracle substances ('take a pill, you're cured'), but they also should never be marketed as such.
I'm happy to take a statistically small risk and most probably live to my 50's.

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