The psychological benefits of religion
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27-06-2012, 03:22 PM
RE: The psychological benefits of religion
(27-06-2012 01:16 PM)Thinkerbelle Wrote:  
(27-06-2012 12:10 PM)Thomas Wrote:  The psychological benefits of racism.
The racist feels secure in the fact that his/her group is superior. "Thank god I wasn't born a ..." You are special.
The communial relationships with others of your kind. You can all agree that you're better than those people.
You can select members of your group over other groups; therefore maintaining the security circle so that you will be taken care of by others in your group.
I see little difference in religious group behavior and racialist group behavior.
Then again, I could just be a "religious hatter". Ohmy
Is that anything like the "Mad Hatter?"

Got me. I can't spell for shit somethimes. But, "Religious Hatter" is interesting Consider

The old gods are dead, let's invent some new ones before something really bad happens.
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