The secret to defeating god.
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20-01-2015, 11:50 AM
RE: The secret to defeating god.
(17-01-2015 07:55 AM)ClydeLee Wrote:  
(16-01-2015 03:21 PM)The Q Continuum Wrote:  Gentlemen:

1. There IS something wrong with bottom feeding mollusks and pigs. The very term pig is used idiomatically to speak of filth and uncleanness, etymologically speaking (I presume) from their nature and not just the Jewish/Muslim prohibitions. You are exceeding the bounds of scientific knowledge - and pun intended - good taste - in describing many of the unclean food items in the Bible as particularly healthful.

2. I'm not claiming "the Bible is misunderstood without context" as Robby put it. I'm claiming any and all books are understood fully in context, just like sentences:

"...There is no God." are better understood in context, "The fool says in their heart there is no God."

and how much more so ancient texts written in three non-English languages?

3. As an example of context, I wouldn't say the Bible proscribes execution for sexual indiscretion but for public sexual behavior in a forum. Contexts include a) two or three witnesses have to see the sexual behavior therefore b) two homosexuals or whatever the problem is (pick one) weren't in the privacy of their home and c) if we're going to judge a text at face value we have to take the whole text at face value in context. The Jews have been told they are to be a holy, covenant people. God is with them as a pillar of fire. They've just walked through the Sea. Now God says do X and have witnesses see your filth in a public forum and you will die. d) Talmud opines that not one person was ever killed for immorality except of course, where Aaron's grandson watched a Jewish man bring someone unclean (oops I wrote unclean again) into his tent IN THE SIGHT OF ALL ISRAEL. The sin was done publicly in a flagrant way. That is why Christians wring their hands over atheists on forums. You aren't quietly considering your position but coming here for several purposes, some of which I understand (some fellowship and questions answered) and some of which are asking for lightning to strike (pun intended).

Is your legitimate argument partly because we have an expression of a Pig being filthy meaning it's therefore actually in some ways unclean. Even though that may take it's lineage because of Pig being unclean biblically and how Pigs are kept on farms, which isn't even natural to them. They're more prone to cleanliness if you don't keep them stewed in a pit... you're just taking that expression out of context. In fact you can be viewing things all around you in wrong contexts all the time. It's usable in dozens of ways if you actually attempt to judge ones perspective on what they speak of.

And what does if the acts of deviance that should be considered abominations were only meant by public displays... how is that any different than still likely to be judged by most as despicable? I've also never heard any Christian ever say that because I've never seen any actual writing on where it distinguishes that. You'd think if that was so well known it would be a key point those websites like Answers In Genesis would use to inform the droves of Christians who are looking this up and on forums for multitude of reasons just as atheists are. Everything you speak of applies directly back upon you in these scenarios.. it's continually somehow not understood by you despite it being the type of thing Chas keeps having to point out about your posts.

Interesting points. Responding to you and Chas both, as I already wrote, I'm assuming the etymology of the idiomatic expressions comes from the filthy habits of the pigs and not the religions.

As for public displays and cleanness, stated differently, I look at corresponding verses. You need witnesses to establish facts per the Law. You cannot enact a punishment merely on suspicion of an act, as you can in the Qu'ran. And again, the context is the people receiving this Law say tremendous miracles of God. If they were going to engage in a sexual sin in the presence of public witnesses having 1) seen miracles of God 2) having stood in the congregation for public recitation of the Law (the Bible records all the people Amen-ing the Law and saying "Thus we shall do"...

Here's an analogy. I have no problem with people practicing alternative lifestyles in their home. I have a problem with unrestricted access to porn online, and to parades where people, well, parade their alternative lifestyles, because children are exposed to certain topics. Just as you have the right to select what and where your children receive sex education in school--for example, you may approve a third grader rather than a kindergartner to have sex ed, in many schools--I'd like to not have to talk with my kids about certain subjects.

So, the Law doesn't represent mass extinction of Jews with different lifestyles. It represents statements to be holy and the penalties for people behaving without due discretion.

I'm told atheists on forums like TTA are bitter and angry. If you are not, your posts to me will be respectful, insightful and thoughtful. Prove me wrong by your adherence to decent behavior.
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31-01-2015, 04:59 PM
RE: The secret to defeating god.
[Image: god-couldnt-stop-iron-chariots-m1-abrams...483645.jpg]

Flesh and blood of a dead star, slain in the apocalypse of supernova, resurrected by four billion years of continuous autocatalytic reaction and crowned with the emergent property of sentience in the dream that the universe might one day understand itself.
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31-01-2015, 06:44 PM
RE: The secret to defeating god.
You can't defeat something that is non-existent.

"A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything" - Friedrich Nietzsche
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